25 Best Drum VST Plugins of 2022

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An interesting read.


60’s Drummer MIDI Library

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Check out our latest MIDI groove library for Superior Drummer 3

Groovy, baby!

Half Price Christmas Sale

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Our Christmas sale begins today, with a whopping 50% discount across the board! To take advantage of this offer, simply add the code : COVID50 at checkout.

Do it before Jan05 though. That’s when it’s due to end.

A Long Hot Summer

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Yes, we know that we’re fully into the winter months now, and that we’re still showing our summer sale banner.
It’s not that we’re too lazy to change the banner. (Although it is a bit of a chore) It’s that the discount is still available.

That said, something else maybe coming along soon…..

Officially Kosher!

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Soremix is now carrying the secure padlock type thingy in the address bar. It’s all a bit geeky to us here, but apparently it makes buying things from us more sexy.
And we’re down with that.

Someone made an Excel drum machine!

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Social Media Buttons

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Yes, we know they’re not working! It’s on our to-do list.

A note about HappyDogMedia.com

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As of Feb 01 2020, Soremix are the official reseller of all HappyDogMedia.com (HDM) products. Their MIDI groove libraries are generally regarded as some of the best you can get.

Here at Soremix, we’re chuffed to bits about the partnership.


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Check out our latest product: